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Avoiding Development Hell | Devlog #36

Level design is not my favorite, but I need BIG levels and lots of them for my fast-paced parkour platformer, Project Feline. I attempt to re-scope the game around small levels, but this doesn't go as planned.

After much trial and error, I have decided to focus my efforts to creating primarily linear stages, similar to some of the earlier test environments like Sky Port. Since the period depicted in this episode, lots of progress has been made on mechanics, systems and stages facilitating this new focused direction.

Thank you so much for your patience these past years. As I continue ahead with development, I have found that it is not always the measure of technical skill that counts, but rather the ability to navigate the sum of all games one must play to be an indie game developer. Being a good programmer or level designer is helpful, but matters not if you cannot be decisive. I hope this episode has shed some light on that 'meta' level that this craft demands, and my personal struggles with it. While it took longer than it should have for me to decide on my game's structure, I made that decision knowing I had tried every available alternative. In retrospect, I feel I knew the right way from the beginning but had allowed fear and self-doubt to lead me astray. I hope not to make that mistake again.


Follow the development journey!

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