SPECIES: Felis catus/Homosapien derivative (Feline-Human hybrid)


SEX: Female

HEIGHT (cm): 150.14

WEIGHT (kg): 46.31

Bio:  Gabi is a feline-human hybrid endowed with special abilities. She feels most alive in the thrill of motion and struggles to find comfort by staying in once place for too long. Being the only of her kind, she draws a lot of attention to herself. She doesn’t mind being noticed, but feels most content by herself, typically perched on a radio tower, rooftop or in other hard-to-reach places.
Character Portrait - Calder
FULL NAME: William Calder

SPECIES: Ursus maritimus (Polar bear)

AGE: 42

SEX: Male

HEIGHT (cm): 205.32

WEIGHT (kg): 451.07

BIO: Calder is a mechanic who thoroughly enjoys tinkering and fixing things. He arrived on the human world under mysterious circumstances. He lives quietly in the shadows of Port Nimbus with his workshop assistant/surrogate son, Felix.
Character Portrait - Felix

SPECIES: Homosapien (Human)

AGE: 8

SEX: Male

HEIGHT (cm): 128.01

WEIGHT (kg): 25.60

BIO: Orphaned from a young age, Felix quickly came to learn the value of grit and hard work to make his own way. A mechanic named Calder took him in as his apprentice and cared for him. In return, Felix helps Calder run errands for his workshop. While Calder keeps him out of trouble, Felix wishes for someone to call a friend. Felix is optimistic, dependable, and enjoys learning new things.