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What is Project Feline?

Project Feline is a third-person parkour game with a unique anime art style. You play as the feline-human hybrid, Gabi, who can ride walls and grind on rails at high speed!

Are volunteers being accepted to help with development?


What platform(s) is Project Feline being developed for?

Project Feline is being developed for Windows. Home console ports are under consideration. The availability of Project Feline across different platforms other than Windows will depend on time and budget constraints.

Will Project Feline release on Steam, Epic Games Store or GOG?

It is currently undecided as to where the final product will release. The prototype is currently available on

Will Project Feline have a campaign/story?

Project Feline's story is currently being planned. The scale of the story will depend on time and budget constraints.

Will Project Feline have multiplayer?

Project Feline is being developed as a single-player experience.

Will Project Feline be set in an open-world or linear maps?

Development is currently focused towards linear level content.

Will Project Feline include a level editor or mod support?

The inclusion of these features are under consideration and implementation will depend on time and budget constraints.

When is Project Feline expected to release?

We are committed to developing a high-quality experience. Given the agile size of the team and the iterative nature of development, production deadlines are frequently subject to change. Visit the development roadmap for a comprehensive breakdown of Project Feline's current development goals and trajectory.

How does Gabi wear headphones?

Like this.

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