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The REAL reason why I took time off... | Project Feline Update

Where have I been the last two months? Same place as always, but I've had some time to think. I've been making videos on YouTube for over two years now, and maintaining a public appearance while devoting myself to the development of a video game affects me in more ways than I let on.

Growing an audience this large and this rapidly has frightened me. I've usually been very introverted and private about the inner workings of my projects before Project Feline, and it feels very different creating something alone than it does creating something alone with tens of thousands of people watching me. I'm grateful that there's a significant interest in the work I do for Project Feline! However, creating a game is very taxing both financially, mentally and physically. Projects go through highs and lows, and I think I owe it to the project to dedicate as much of my strength to it as I can. In this video, I discuss my plan of action towards this goal and what I'm going to have to sacrifice to meet it...

I'm still planning to document my journey going forward. I still plan to show my successes and my struggles, it's just hard to do so while working at the same time. After more progress has been made, I will return.

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