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Now on Discord!

The community has always been an integral part of Project Feline. Some of you may recall earlier in development I ran a public Discord server for fans of the game. This server quickly grew to many thousands of members, and community management and game development became increasingly difficult for me to balance. In 2021 I closed all public chats so I could have space to focus on my work. I have since used the server only to post news. However, I now understand for many it was disappointing to have the server taken away for it was the only place to talk about Project Feline outside of my YouTube channel. After careful consideration, I have decided to re-open the Discord.

I can't say at this time when you'll get to try a new version of the game. There are some complications behind the scenes, but I am still making steadfast progress. I am working on more devlogs to catch everyone up, for there are many developments (maps, systems, characters, scrapped content, etc.) from over the past year I have yet to share.

In the meantime, I am streaming live development on Project Feline Wednesdays-Fridays 2-5 AM UTC. I am currently building a new model and animation set for Gabi. That's her in the picture.

I invite you to join and to please respect the rules and keep things clean and civil.

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